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Customer-Focused Sales Training

Customer-Focused Selling

The Customer Focused Sales Program familiarizes participants with the seven phases of the Customer-Focused Selling Process and provides the necessary skills and processes to effectively create the need for your products and services. The Customer-Focused Sales Process is a consistent repeatable buying/selling cycle that applies a customer-focused approach designed to help generate new business, expand solutions in existing accounts and provide companies with a common language, a consistent approach, and a “roadmap” for interacting with internal and external customers.  The approach is consultative, customer-focused, fosters trust and gets results. Objection handling skills are also part of the program.

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What's in it for you?

  • Create the need for your products and services

  • Sell to product and service differentiators

  • Develop effective “tailored” opening statements to spark interest

  • Learn to ask targeted questions which elicit thoughtful responses

  • Learn how to uncover customer issues and concerns

  • Learn and apply skills to handle customer concerns and objections

  • Apply the Customer-Focused Sales Process during simulated sales calls and relate the process to all customer interactions

  • Learn to assess decision-making process and tips on how to navigate the political landscape of an organization

  • Help customers develop decision criteria that are geared to your company’s strengths

  • Learn how to sell against the competition

  • Learn best practices for maintaining and growing existing customer base

Sales Training Reimagined


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